Easter Vacation

Heeeellloooo! How is going out there?

Here is everything fine! Today starts my Easter vacation until monday! Easter in Norway is from Thrusday until monday. I love that! 珞 It's like "Oh I dodn't have time to enjoy my Easter, so I need almost a whole week! "

We are going to take a boat trip to Denmark  and I'm really looking forward!!! 珞 Spesially because they have CHURROS!

I'm trying to live with less, so I have with me:
2 pants (one on me and a jeans)
1 top 
2 gensers 
1 dress 
3 panties
Make up and my Miss Dior
1 shoe on me
1 book
1 Costume magazine

Wish you all a Happy and blessed Easter! I'll update this post with pictures when I come home!  I can't do it by mobile. See u! 