Am I back?

Hello people!!!

After some years far far away from  my blog, I´m back. I started blogging in a norwegian plattform, but I got bored because... You know... Life. It´s not a excuse, I swear! I was just trying to find in which language I should write, about what I should go for it... and Life.

From now, I´m going to write in English, but my mother language is Portuguese (from Brazil) and I live in Norway. I like to connect with people and to write in English will help! 

My life stopped me some times and I was trying to find myself in all that chaos. And I talk about all areas of my life.

I started planning in 2017, like I am a planner girl!!! It was my Christmas gift from mom that I bought myself! 😆💓😘 My planning was up and down, but I understood that I need to set a time to myself. Can you guys handle this? Please comment with suggestions!!! 😆😉👍

It´s 14 degrees now and I just burned the rice while writing this post! 😇

See you soon! Have a wonderful and blessed week!!! 👄